Special Events

2016-17 School Year

West View Elementary Awards & Graduation 5-25-17

Athletic Awards Ceremony 5-18-17 (delay due to issues with storage but images are being recovered and will be uploaded)

West View Elementary Color Run 4-22-17

Videoi - Westview Elementary Color Run 4-22-17

Homcoming Contestants 2016

Homecoming Night Ceremonies  9-16-16

Westview Elementary “Terrific Kids” Awards 10-13-16

Basketball - Dawkins vs Florence Chappel (Peachtree Championship) 2-11-17 


2015-16 Shool Year

Gable Soccer Invididual and Team Pictures - Boys and Girls 4-27-16

District 6 Jamboree - Super Bowl - Youth League 2015

Rising Seniors 

Homcoming Contestants 2015

Homecoming Night and Fun Stuff 9-25-15

Spring Signings 4-13-16


Shool Year 2014-15

District Six - Youth Football League - Super Bowl Saturday 11-15-14 

2014 Homecoming Court  (Homecoming Picture Package)

Homecoming 1

   Kedra Brown 1st Runnerup - Ayanah Johnson Queen - Morgan Hope 2nd Runnerup

Homecoming 2014 


Shool Year 2013-14

Governor Haley Signs Concussion Law

District Six Jamboree 9-21-13 

2013 Homecoming Court

All videos are best viewed in 1080p (click on video and the setting is on the bottom right - look for cog wheel)

District Six Jamboree Video Game One

District Six Jamboree Video Game Two  

District Six Jamboree Video Game Three  

District Six Jamboree VIdeo Game Four 

District Six Jamboree The Morning Games

     Session One

     Session Two 

Westview Elementary Parents and Students Walk to School

Dawkins vs Gable 7th Grade 10-23-13

Dawkins vs Gable 8th Grade 10-23-13

Homecoming 10-25-13

Dorman Athletes Sign Letters of Intent 11-13-13 

Dorman Athletes Sign Letters of Intent 2-5-14

Dorman Athletes Sign Letters of Intent 4-16-14 

Rising Seniors 2014-15



School Year 2012-13

Homecoming 2012 Court

Homecoming 2012 - Ceremonies

Fall Signings - Letters of Intent

Winter Signings 2-6-13 - National Signing Day

Spring Signings 4-17-13 - Letters of Intent

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